Bookings Now Open for 2020 dates

07 Aug – Bookings open for available dates in 2020

The Scout Hut Board of Management has determined that we now have in place all the necessary safeguards to comply with the current public health requirements for operating an accommodation facility in Tasmania. Subsequently, we are now expanding to being open 7 days per week.  At this stage, we are only accepting bookings for available dates in 2020.  Due to the current operating environment, then we’ve deemed it necessary to implement additional conditions for all new 2020 bookings:
  • At this stage, given the current (and ever evolving) border restrictions, we are only accepting bookings from Tasmanian Groups.
  • In the past few months, we’ve received significant interest from people in wanting to book the hut and we want to make it available to as many people as possible. Hence, we are putting in place a limit of 1 booking per group in 2020 and all new bookings will have a maximum stay of 3 nights.  (Note: if you’ve already had a booking in 2020 then we won’t be accepting another booking from you in 2020.  For guidance, if more than 75% of the group haven’t been to the Scout Hut in 2020 then that will be accepted as a new booking).
  • The world is experiencing a significant change in attitudes and people are developing an innate ‘fear of missing out’ (e.g. panic buying).  As such, to assist people into not ‘panic buying’ a booking at the Scout Hut then please note that we won’t be offering refunds of the deposit for any new 2020 bookings.  That is, please don’t book if your not 100% committed to going to the Scout Hut and utilising the facility for the dates you’ve chosen.  We appreciate that circumstances can change and if that does occur then we expect that you will advise us if you need to cancel your booking and we’ll then be able to re-advertise the dates and potentially someone else can enjoy the Hut but we won’t be refunding the booking deposit.  If a group cancels within 1 week of their booking date, or; fails to attend the hut on their dates booked, or; doesn’t use all the nights that they booked then please don’t expect us to accept a future booking from your group within the next 2 years.  As per above, please only book if you are 100% committed to utilising the dates booked.
  • We will, however, still be providing full refunds of the deposit in the event of Road closures or the issuing of a Bushwalkers Weather alert by the Bureau of Meteorology for the dates booked.  Also, if public health restrictions change which restrict access or force us to close our facility then we’ll also provide full deposit refunds in those circumstances as well.
Bookings for 2021 are currently closed
We appreciate that there is a significant amount of interest for booking dates in 2021, however, as we’re anticipating a number bookings for the remaining 2020 dates that we have then we’ll process those first and then, at some point between now and the end of August, we’ll open up for 2021 dates.  By having a random date (and time) then we believe this is the only the fair way that we can facilitate 2021 bookings.  Please note: We also have groups that had to cancel their 2019 booking due to the public health restrictions.  In fairness to those groups, we’ll provide them with an opportunity to re-book the same dates in 2020 (this is inline with our current practice of incumbent groups for specific dates having the first opportunity to re-book the following year).
As a final word: First and foremost, the primary purpose of the Scout Hut is for the provision of facilities that allow for the outdoor education of Scouts, Guides and other Youth Groups. We appreciate that it is a very unique facility and we acknowledge that we are extremely fortunate to have it.  Our Scouting Values guide us into wanting to share the facility and the experience with as many people as we can.  In order for us to achieve that, then we ask groups to share in our values by complying with our current and additional booking requirements (e.g. only 1 booking per group in 2020; no interstate bookings; use all nights that you book; provide advance notice of any cancellation so that someone else may be able to use the hut; and accept that we are trying to influence people’s decision making by not providing deposit refunds for any new 2020 bookings).


24 June – Update on maximum occupancy

In light of the Tasmanian Government announcing that the ‘maximum density limit’ being changed from 1 person per 4m2 to 1 person per 2m2 then we are pleased to advise that we will now be able to accommodate up to a maximum of 12 people in the hut.  All other conditions remain in place, i.e. we’re only open weekends and future bookings are still closed.

22 June – Conditional reopening 26 June

The Tasmanian Government has brought forward the lifting of the Stage 3 Public Health restrictions to 26th June and subsequently the Scout Association has approved for the restriction on overnight camping to be relaxed.
As per the restrictions for gatherings released on 17 June by the Tasmanian Government (link below), the 1.5m social distancing and the ‘maximum density limit’ (i.e. 4m2 rule) still apply and subsequently the maximum occupancy of the hut remains at 6 people.


Future Bookings remain closed

We again thank people who have inquired about future bookings and we’d like to politely request that people refrain from emailing us to ‘reserve’ future booking dates or to inquire as to when our bookings will open because we will simply refer you to the following statement:

The Scout Hut is currently not processing any future bookings.  This is because in order to manage and execute the current Public Health requirements then we are currently only open on weekends and we are fully booked until the end of the year.  There has been no pathway provided by the State Government as to when all restrictions may be relaxed and as such we can’t advise as to when our bookings will reopen.  To explain further: The Scout Hut is 100% managed, maintained and operated by volunteers.  As it currently stands, if we accept bookings and then later have to cancel, refund, or rearrange bookings in order to comply with the Public Health restrictions that apply at that time then that is a significant burden on our volunteers for no gain.  Hence, at this point, The Scout Hut Board of management has chosen to be closed to all future bookings and when the situation changes, we’ll advise as such on our website and facebook page.

05 June – Update, Future Bookings remain closed

We thank the numerous people who have inquired about future bookings. It is humbling to see how keen people are to utilise our facilities.  Below is a detailed explanation of the current state:

In terms of the Covid-19 virus, the biggest risks that The Scout Hut Board legally has to mitigate is the potential for the virus to spread both within groups and potentially between the groups that utilise the hut. It’s logistically impractical and financially unviable for us to employ professional cleaners. Hence, we’ve chosen to mitigate the risk of the spread between groups by only opening on weekends (i.e. closing for 5 days in between groups is longer than the potential life of the virus on surfaces).

In order to mitigate the potential spread within a group, then it is a legal requirement for us to to comply with: 1.5m social distancing requirements, 1 person per 4m2 and specific daily cleaning requirements as detailed by Worksafe Tasmania.  We’re comfortable that individual groups will be able to comply with the daily cleaning requirements.

Given that we are fully booked for all weekends until the rest of the year then our booking system is closed for all future bookings.  As there has not been a pathway provided by the State Government as to when the hygiene and social distancing requirements might be relaxed then we’re unable to provide a timeline as to when we’ll recommence accepting bookings.  When we do open for bookings then we’ll advertise it on our website and facebook page.

02 June – Update

The Scout Association of Australia – Tasmania Branch is currently reviewing the latest announcement of the easing of public health restrictions by the Tasmanian Government and subsequently the potential for bringing forward the resumption of overnight Scouting activities.  An update will be provided in due course and it may facilitate the Scout Hut reopening sooner than 17 July, however, it is clear that the restrictions on social distancing, 4m2 per person rule and hygiene requirements will still be in place and as such there won’t be any changes to our previously advised conditions of:  Open on weekends only, 6 people maximum occupancy, stricter daily cleaning requirements.

31 May – Update

The Board of Management for The Scout Hut has met to consider the evolving situation with respect to the easing of government restrictions in response to the improving Covid-19 crisis.  Subject to the decisions of the Premier of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Director of Public Health and The Scout Association of Australia – Tasmania Branch; the Board of Management for the Scout Hut is proposing to partially reopen with the following conditions:
  • In order to assist in mitigating the potential spread of the virus between groups then the hut will open on weekends only (i.e. Friday/Saturday nights).
  • To align with the lifting of the restriction on overnight Scouting activities, then it is proposed the hut will reopen on 17 July, 2020 (i.e. the first weekend after the lifting of the restriction). 
  • In order to comply with the 1.5m social distancing requirements and the 4m2 rule then the maximum occupancy of the hut will be 6 people.
  • There will be strict daily cleaning requirements that groups will need to comply with when using the hut.

As there has been no pathway provided by the State Government as to when hygiene and social distancing requirements will potentially be lifted then we’re unable to advise as to when the above conditions may change.  Subsequently, as all weekends are currently booked until the end of the year, then we’re currently not accepting any future bookings.  However, in the event that we  have a weekend vacancy then it will be advertised on our facebook page.

We appreciate that the above conditions will be disappointing to those wanting to make a trip to the Scout Hut this year, however, our Board of Management takes its responsibility seriously to ensure the health & safety of our users and to also ensure that The Scout Hut plays its part in assisting the State on the road to recovery.

08 May – Update

Upon reviewing the information released today (08 May, 2020) by the Tasmanian Government on the staged approach for relaxing the Covid-19 restrictions, we’re unfortunately unable to advise as to a potential reopening for The Scout Hut.
Whilst the Cradle Mountain National Park is ‘open’ from 11 May, it is only for the sole purpose of exercise and only if it is within 30 kms drive for people. A potential ‘full reopening’ of the park is unknown as there is no indication provided in the Tasmanian Government 3 stage ‘Road to Recovery’. The Tasmanian Parks Wildlife and Service website states that the park will fully reopen: “when it is safe and appropriate to do so [and as] guided by the Director of Public Health and Premier of Tasmania”.

25 March

As per the directive by the Tasmanian State Government on additional coronavirus measures (25 March 2020), The Scout Hut unfortunately is required to be closed for an indefinite period.  We’re also not permitted to accept any new bookings.

Further more, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife service have “temporarily closed all national parks, reserves, campgrounds and facilities to recreational and tourism use. This means that all day walks, mountain biking, fishing and tours will not be permitted.

For all Non-Scout Group bookings, we will be providing full refunds of deposits for all bookings up until 25 May, 2020 and we will review on a fortnightly basis as to whether additional bookings need to be cancelled.  The Scout Hut will provide full refunds for all bookings that are cancelled due to Tasmanian Government or Parks and Wildlife Service restrictions.

For Scout Group bookings, your deposit will be rolled over to the same weekend in 2021, unless you wish to cancel your 2021 booking.

We appreciate that patrons of our facility will be disappointed, however, The Scout Hut Board of Management is fully supportive of the Tasmanian State Government’s initiatives to try and mitigate the spread of the coronavirus by “staying home and saving lives.

Welcome to the Scout Hut Website

The purpose of this website is to provide information about “The Scout Hut” (Baden Powell Memorial Lodge or BP Lodge) located in the Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia. This website details the hut and its operation, as well as some of the history, our bookings calendar and you can also create an online booking.

The hut is predominately used by Scouting Groups, however, it is also available for booking by Scout Families and the General Public. For bush walkers doing the Overland Track, The Scout Hut is a great accommodation option at the start of the track before commencing the walk.