Current Information Updates


11 Jan 2022 – The Scout Hut Covid-19 vaccination policy

In the current climate, The Scout Hut board believes it prudent to form and communicate our policy with respect to the potential requirement for occupants of the Scout Hut to be ‘vaccinated’ for Covid-19.  In forming our policy,  the board has considered the current Tasmanian Public Health guidelines as well as the policies of Scouts Australia.

“The Scout Hut is an accommodation facility that is hired by Scout/Guide Groups, School Groups, Clubs, Scout Families and the General Public for their exclusive use of the hut during their stay.  The Scout Hut Board ensures that the facility is safe through complying with Building Code and Public Health directives. 

Currently, there is no Tasmanian Government directive that requires the users of our facility to be vaccinated against Covid-19.  The Scout Hut also doesn’t (and nor does it intend to) collect information on the vaccination status of individuals occupying the hut.   As an organisation, to do so could potentially be in breach of privacy considerations.   Additionally, to exclude individuals or groups on the basis of their vaccination status may be discriminatory.

We certainly support government / medical authority led advocacy for vaccination, as we see it as a public health benefit.  Whilst people who are not vaccinated may be at increased risk, particularly from highly contagious diseases, it is incumbent on individual groups using the facility to make their judgment as to the potential hazards of their trip and how they might mitigate the risk of exposure to those hazards.”


19 May 2021 – Public Health requirements

Our Board is satisfied that we have sufficient control measures in place to meet the current Public Health requirements and subsequently the following has been updated:

  • Maximum occupancy of the is 14 people.

Welcome to the Scout Hut Website

The purpose of this website is to provide information about “The Scout Hut” (Baden Powell Memorial Lodge or BP Lodge) located in the Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia. This website details the hut and its operation, as well as some of the history, our bookings calendar and you can also create a booking online.

The hut is predominately used by Scouting Groups, however, it is also available for booking by Scout Families, School Groups and the General Public.