Current Information Updates

05 Aug – Tasmanian Travel Vouchers

With respect to the latest round of Tasmanian Travel Vouchers, The Scout Hut wishes to advise that we won’t be issuing a Tax Invoice for people to be able to claim a refund.  The reason for this is because the intent of the vouchers is to assist with keeping people employed in the Travel Industry.  Given that we are 100% volunteer effort, the vouchers won’t directly be assisting to keep someone in a job.  Hence, if you are fortunate enough to receive a voucher, we strongly encourage you to book accommodation or an experience with the numerous other providers that are in the Cradle Mountain area.

19 May – Public Health requirements

Our Board is satisfied that we have sufficient control measures in place to meet the current Public Health requirements and subsequently the following has been updated:

  • Maximum occupancy of the is 14 people.

Welcome to the Scout Hut Website

The purpose of this website is to provide information about “The Scout Hut” (Baden Powell Memorial Lodge or BP Lodge) located in the Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia. This website details the hut and its operation, as well as some of the history, our bookings calendar and you can also create a booking online.

The hut is predominately used by Scouting Groups, however, it is also available for booking by Scout Families, School Groups and the General Public.