The things we do for your number 2’s!

A major milestone for the project was reached during our working bee 8-12th March, 2018 with the pumping out, cleaning and decommissioning of the septic system. The septic (consisting of two chambers) was constructed 50 years ago and strategically placed to take advantage of a ledge in the bedrock which was used to form one of the sides and the bottom of the septic. The remaining sides were constructed from loose rock found around the site and cemented together to form the remaining walls. 

The septic was pumped out and the contents placed in ‘sputniks’ provided by Tasmanian National Parks.The chambers were then refilled with water and ‘hyper-shocked’ with chlorine in order to ensure that they were clean. The sputniks were then flown out and disposed of as per Tasmanian National Parks standard processes.

Hiding the new system from view

We received grant funding from the State Government Community Infrastructure Fund in order to limit the visual impact of our new system which we considered particularly important given its location in a National Park. 

Replumbing of the hut

The hut has been completely re-plumbed in order to connect all the existing waste water services to the new system.