Background to pending Booking Policy changes

The above quote from Lord Baden-Powell, beautifully and succinctly articulates why we make The Scout Hut available for anyone to book.  It is a very unique place, in a unique part of the world and staying there brings happiness to many people.
The popularity of the Scout Hut has exponentially increased over the past few years as more and more people have become aware of the unique experience it provides. In order to ‘maximise the number of lives that we put happiness into’, we recently reduced the maximum number of nights that non-scout groups are able to book for from 5 nights to 3 nights so that we could provide more opportunities to a greater number of people.
Unfortunately, we’ve had a significant number of groups who believe that it is only their happiness that matters and subsequently have tried various ways to get around the maximum nightly restriction.  In order to ‘calm the farm’, all bookings were suspended for January 2022 until options could be explored that would assist us in achieving our goal to ‘maximise the happiness’ (dates for Feb 2022 onwards are still able to be booked).
We’ve also had a few instances recently where it hasn’t necessarily been appreciated that the Scout Hut is run 100% by volunteer effort to keep the hut maintained and fit for use for all groups.
Ultimately, if we can’t implement effective ways to encourage people to share our Scouting Values then we’ll have no alternative but to close to the General Public and we’ll find alternative ways to utilise the Scout Hut to ‘put the happiness into the lives of others’.  For the moment, The Scout Hut Board of management is accepting of first trialing new ways to allocate bookings, commencing with new arrangements for January 2022.
The changes will be announced via our website and facebook page within the next couple of weeks along with some tweaks to our booking and payment policies.  For now, to the small majority of people who’s behaviour needs to change, please digest and respect that we share the Scout Hut “to put happiness into the lives of others” and it is our dedicated volunteers who actually make that possible.