Summer School Holiday Bookings – 2023/24


We appreciate that what we have is quite unique in a unique part of the world and we acknowledged that we are very privileged to be the custodians of The Scout Hut.  Our Scouting values guide us to ‘put happiness into the lives of others’.  One way in which we aim to achieve that is through sharing our facility with as many people as possible and for Summer School Holiday Bookings, we implement the system as outlined below.

Summer School Holiday bookings – 2023/24

Between 11 April 2023 and 26 May 2023, an available Summer School Holiday booking will be randomly selected and advertised at random days and random times on our Facebook page.  First group to book, first served.

We appreciate that this system has some inherent issues.  i.e. we’ve experienced in the past, a group will immediately book, pay the deposit and cancel a few days later once they’ve worked out the dates aren’t suitable.

To assist groups in making the make the right choice, any cancelled Summer School Holiday bookings will attract a $100 cancellation fee, regardless of when the booking is cancelled.  Hence, please book wisely.

One booking per group per (Scout Hut) year

As per above, we aim to share our facility with as many people as possible.  Another way in which we try to achieve this is through only permitting one booking per group per Scout Hut year (Nov 2023 – Oct 2024).  Hence, if you already have an existing booking for that period, we won’t also accept a Summer School Holidays booking.

For the purpose of ‘What constitutes a group?’ A group must be made of at least 80% of people who haven’t been to the hut in ‘the Scout Hut year’.