Before we commence the 2024/25 Summer booking process …

[Note: The following information pertains to non-Scout Groups.  That is, Scout Families and General Public bookings.]
We choose to make The Scout Hut available for anyone to book because we appreciate how privileged we are to be the custodians of such a special facility in a unique part of the world and being open to all allows us to ‘put the happiness into the lives of others’.
The popularity of the Scout Hut has been exponentially increasing over the past several years and subsequently a couple of years ago we reduced the maximum stay to 3 nights and permitted only one booking per group per Scout Hut year (Nov – Oct).  This has facilitated a significant number of new groups being able to access the Hut.
Unfortunately, we’ve had a few groups over the past year that have tried various ways to get around the ‘one booking per group per Scout Hut year’.  This is extremely disappointing and disrespectful of what we believe is an honourable approach of trying to maximise the number of people who get to experience The Scout Hut.
We’re not a commercial operation.  We’re not an AirBnB.  Everything is 100% volunteer effort.  We don’t have to provide access to non-scouting groups and we don’t have to accept any particular booking.  We’re (currently) available to all because we believe it is the right thing to do.  In return, we ask all groups to respect and comply with our ‘one booking per group per Scout Hut year’.
In order to assist a small number of groups with alignment with our approach, from now on, if a group is found to be non-compliant with our policy of one booking per group per Scout Hut year, all their existing/new bookings will be cancelled and the group will no-longer have access to The Scout Hut.
For the vast majority of people who support our policy, we thank you for your compliance and we look forward to your future (yearly) patronage.
[Note: the policy of ‘one booking per group per Scout Hut year’ applies only to Scout Families and General Public bookings.  We have a different policy for Scout Groups and further information about that policy is available from the The Scout Hut Manager.]