Please ensure that the nights you wish to book are available in our calendar before clicking on the

‘Proceed to Online Booking’ below.

We only allow one booking per group per Scout Hut year (Nov-Oct), please refer to our FAQ’s below for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions - Booking Information

Information about our nightly fees are listed on our Booking Info & Fees page (under the Bookings menu).

*If there is a 2 night booking that is adjacent to an available 3 night booking then these can be swapped.  Bookings can’t be shortened in length.  Due to popularity of the Hut, the maximum number of nights bookable is 3 nights and only 1 booking per Scout Hut year (refer tab below). 

We appreciate that the Scout Hut is a very unique facility and we acknowledge that we are extremely fortunate to have it. Our Scouting Values guide us into wanting to share the facility and the experience with as many people as we can.  In order for us to achieve that, then we only accept one booking per group for the 12 month period Nov to Oct*.  This is because we have almost 1000 people following our facebook page and there is obviously very limited dates available.  We ask people to please respect our aim to share our facility with as many as possible and hence not circumvent that policy by booking under other names or friends names.

If a group is found to be non-compliant with our policy of one booking per group per Scout Hut year, all their existing/new bookings will be cancelled and the group will no-longer have access to The Scout Hut.

We define a group as per the following …

  • 5 people (or less) in the group:  no-one in the group must have been to the hut during the Scout Hut year.
  • 6 – 10 people: Maximum of 2 people in the group can have been to the hut during the Scout Hut year.
  • 10 -14 people: Maximum o f4 people in the group can have been to the hut during the Scout Hut year.  

*The reason for the Scout Hut year being Nov-Oct is that Nov/Dec bookings are generally Scout Family/General Public bookings and it wouldn’t be fair on other Scout Families/General Public if we then allowed those groups to also have a booking in January School holidays.

A $100 deposit is required for each night booked.  This is the minimum nightly fee and is subtracted from your final payment. Your booking won’t be confirmed until the deposit has been paid. Please read our Cancellation Policy below for information on deposit refunds.

If a booking is cancelled more than 4 weeks before the booking date then a full refund of the deposit will be made.

If a booking is cancelled less than 4 weeks (for whatever reason, be it sickness, injury, hospitalisation, family issues, work commitments, inclement weather, etc.) then there will be no refund of the booking deposit unless we can re-book the Hut for the cancelled nights. For example, if you cancel 3 nights that you booked and we receive a new booking for 2 of those nights then you will be refunded 2 of the nightly deposits.

In order to facilitate the potential re-booking of your nights then we will advertise the vacancy on our facebook page.

The Scout Hut is located in an alpine region where the weather can be quite inclement sometimes.  There are no refunds of the booking deposit due to inclement weather, unless the road into the National Park is closed or open only to 4WD’s.

If the road into the National Park is fully closed (or closed to 4WD only) due to snow then your booking deposit will be fully refunded.  If you are prevented from leaving the Hut due to a Road Closure then there will be no charge for any additional nights.

We appreciate that your group size can change so final payment isn’t require until after you return from your stay at the hut.  To complete the final payment process, you will be asked to advise us of your final accommodated numbers for each night and we will send you an invoice with the calculated amount less the deposit.

We request an indication of your group request simply for our planning purposes. We appreciate that final accommodated numbers may change and you don’t need to advise us of any changes until after your stay.

We allow the group who have booked in the current year with 1st preference to re-book those dates again for the following year (except Summer school holidays, they can’t be rebooked). We allow groups, 2 weeks after their return from their booking that they wish re-book the following year (hence the 50 week timeframe). 

* Scout Groups can book available dates more than 50 weeks in advance.

A ‘Scout Group’ is defined as being a bona-fide scout camp where a ‘Permission to Camp’ form will be submitted to the District Commissioner. For these groups, you will need to ‘Contact Us’ directly via the link at the top of this webpage.

If you are associated with a Scout Group but not submitting a ‘Permission to Camp’ form then this is a ‘Scout Family’ Booking and we don’t accept bookings more than 12 months in advance from Scout Family groups.

If you are occupying the Hut and are prevented from leaving Cradle Mountain due to a Road Closure then there will be no charge for any additional nights.