How to interpret our calendar.

Dates will either show as grey (which means they are booked) or Green and displaying the number of nights that must be booked for those particular dates. If a calendar date doesn’t have an entry then those nights are also available for booking. e.g. if 17 March doesn’t have an entry then the hut is available for booking. The hut is available from 2pm on 17 March.  ‘Checkout’ is 1:30pm on your day of departure.

Bookings must be booked as per availability shown*

*If there is a 2 night booking that is adjacent to an available 3 night booking then these can be swapped.  Bookings can’t be shortened in length.

If you can't view our Calendar.

Unfortunately there is a myriad of reasons as to why you might not be able to view our calendar.The most common is because you also use google calendars. You will need to ‘Sign out’ of your google account and then reload this page by holding down the CTRL key and pressing F5 key. If that doesn’t work then please try a different platform (e.g. iPad, smartphone, work compuer, etc). or browser.
If all else fails, then please ‘Contact Us’ by using the link at the top of this webpage.