The hut can accommodate 14 people, 12 of which are in 6 bunk beds. The cushions on the eastern wall seating (see photo below) need to be removed to provide the 13th and 14th beds.

Vinyl covered foam mattresses are provided as bedding. Users must bring there own sleeping bags and pillows are not provided.

Note for Youth Groups: When planning the makeup of your groups, the 12 beds in bunk configuration are provided in 3 sections x 4 beds. This will assist you in segregating males/females/leaders.

In the Kitchen is a 6 burner gas stove along with pots, pans, utensils, crockery and cutlery.

Washing up liquid, sponges and gloves are all provided. You will need to take plastic shopping bags to carry your rubbish out in. It is recommended that when packing your food you double bag it. This is because you’ll probably want to double bag all your rubbish for the trip out plus you may need spare bags for any wet clothes or other items. You need to take tea towels for drying the dishes, cutlery and crockery.  There is hot and cold water provided.

On the verandah is 2 x Weber Family Q size BBQ’s which can be used as ovens. They are conencted to the hut’s gas supply.

A fridge is located next to the BBQ’s and it has a series of copper pipes installed in it. The pipes are connected to the huts water supply which is sourced from the creek. A constant water flow ensures that the fridge is as cold as 2 degrees celsius in winter and around 10 degrees in summer.

A gas heater supplies heat to the main room. As the Lodge has double glazed windows and good insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling, then the heater is more than capable of heating the main room to 20 degrees during the depths of winter. The heater has an oxygen sensor which shuts down the heater in the event of low oxygen.  There is also a separate Carbon Monoxide alarm.

Water is supplied to the hut via a creek. In the event that the creek runs dry during summer, or the pipes freeze over winter, a 1000 litre rain water storage tank is used.

Water is supplied to the washroom, toilet and kitchen. There is hot and cold water provided to the washroom and kitchen.

The water is slightly tea coloured due to tannin being absorbed from the alpine scrub in the catchment.  If users wish to filter or boil the water then they can do so however, it isn’t required for health purposes.

An electrical system provides sufficient energy for lighting the hut year round. The power generation system consists of a 100 Watt micro hydro generator and a 110 Watt solar panel. The hydro generator is driven from a creek close to the hut and it provides the bulk of the required energy during the winter months. The solar panels provide almost all of the energy in the summer months when the creek has little or no flow.

The generated energy is stored in batteries and the charging is controlled by a sophisticated regulator.

A smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector are provided in the main room and a fire blanket is located just outside the kitchen.

A small fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen, one in the Wet Area and one outisde, just around the corner from the gas manifold cage.

Emergency procedures and contact details are located just inside the entrance door.

A small amount of first aid items are located in the drawer unit in the main room. It is provided for backup purposes as all groups need to carry their own remote area first aid kit.

It is recommended that pain relief medication is carried by all groups as no drugs are provided in the Lodge’s first aid kit.

Within the drawer units in the main room is a small number of games and packs of cards. There is also a quantity of pens, pencils, crayons, textas and scribbling books along with other stationery items such as scissors, rulers, staplers, etc.

Cribbage, chess and backgammon boards are provided along with an interesting selection of old books and magazines.

There is reasonable Telstra NextG mobile phone reception at the Lodge and it is recommended that groups carry a phone that can access this network. Emergency contact information is provided at the hut.

 For emergency purposes there is a gas stove and non perishable food located in an “Emergency box” in the wet area of the hut.