Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find an answer to the question that you require then please ‘Contact Us’ via the link at the top of this webpage.


Where is the Scout Hut?

The Scout Hut is located within the Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania. You can view a map of our location under the ‘About’ menu option

How long does the walk take to get there?

The Scout Hut is approx. 45 minutes walk from the Ronny Creek Car Park for someone with average fitness.

Do you accept bookings from the General Public?

Yes.  For weekend bookings during the period June to October then we preference Scout Groups if weekends become available for that period then we will advertise it on our Facebook page.  For weekends during the period November to May, then these can be freely booked by the General Public and Scout Families.  Weekday bookings (including school holidays) are available for booking by the General Public and Scout Families at any time of the year.

What are the nightly fees?

Information about our nightly fees are listed on our Booking Info & Fees page (under the Bookings menu).

Will I be sharing the hut with anyone else?

No. All bookings are for sole occupancy of the Hut. There may be a Hut Warden present to ensure that the facilities are in working order, however, they have their own, self contained room.

Can I book just 1 night on a weekend or during school holidays?

All weekend bookings and school holiday bookings must be a minimum of 2 nights.  You may, however, book 1 night in the school holiday period if there is a single night vacant between 2 bookings. All weekday bookings, other than School Holidays, can be booked as a single night.

There aren't any spare weekends available, can you contact me if you get a cancellation?

We don’t email people directly, however, we do advertise any cancelled weekends on our Facebook page (there is a link at the top of this webpage to our Facebook page).  Simply ‘Follow’ us and you will be notified when a vacancy come’s up.  If you aren’t on Facebook and want to be notified of a vacancy then the only suggestion we have is to ask someone you know that is on Facebook to ‘Follow’ us and they can then contact you.

Can I book more than 50 weeks in advance?

We only accept bookings from Scout Groups for dates that are more than 50 weeks in advance. We also allow the group who have booked a weekend in the current year with 1st preference to re-book those dates again for the following year. (e.g. if the 12th/13th May 2018 is booked by a group, then upon returning from their stay, they will have 1st preference to re-book the same weekend in 2019).

We are a Scout Group wanting to book a date more than 50 weeks in advance?

A ‘Scout Group’ is defined as being a bona-fide scout camp where a ‘Permission to Camp’ form will be submitted to the District Commissioner. For these groups, you will need to ‘Contact Us’ directly via the link at the top of this webpage.

If you are associated with a Scout Group but not submitting a ‘Permission to Camp’ form then this is a ‘Scout Family’ Booking and we only accept bookings up to 50 weeks in advance for these groups.

What is provided? What do we need to take?

Please refer to our the section Your Stay which is located under the ‘About’ menu. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

For further information about our policy for cancellation and deposit refunds, please refer to the booking information on our Online Booking page (under the Bookings menu).

What sort of payment options do you have?

We accept an Electronic Transfer into our account, Credit Card and PayPal.  We don’t accept cash or cheques directly, however, if you do want to pay by those methods then you can take our account details into any Westpac branch, fill in a deposit slip and pay with cash or cheque over the counter.

When do you require final payment?

We appreciate that your group size can change so final payment isn’t required until after your return from your stay.  To complete the final payment process, you will be asked to advise us of your final accommodated numbers for each night and we will send you an invoice with the calculated amount less the deposit.

Where do I pick the key up from?

The Scout Hut utilises an electronic lock for access and you will be emailed an access code approx. 3 weeks before your booking date (i.e. you don’t require a key for access).  The access code is only valid for the duration of your stay.

What time can I arrive at the Hut? When do I have to leave by?
The Hut is available to you from 2pm on the day of your arrival and you are asked to vacate by 1:30pm on the day of departure.
[Note: Your access code is valid from 7am from the day of arrival and until 7pm on the day of departure.]
Didn't 'The Scout Hut' used to be called 'BP Lodge'? Why did you change the name?

‘The Scout Hut’ is now our trading name to the wider community and we made the change as there was some confusion as to what ‘BP’ stood for.  It does, of course, stand for Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting.  The official title of the hut is the ‘Baden Powell Memorial Lodge’ but it has also been known as ‘The Scout Hut’ for sometime.