The minimum fee per night is $100 for weekend (Friday & Saturday nights) and school holiday bookings.

Weekday bookings the minimum nightly fee is $50.*

 * Regardless of the number of occupants, the minimum fee applies for each night. If you leave early, the minimum nightly fee applies to the remaining nights.

$15 per person per night.

Applicable to all Scout/Guide Card holders and their immediate family members. If you are claiming the Scout Family rate, you will be asked to provide  details of the Scout Card holder’s name and number; plus the names of the immediate family members that you are also applying the rate to.

$20 per person per night.

Applicable to occupants 6-17 years old that are not covered by the Scout Rate.

$25 per person per night.

Applicable to occupants 18 years and older that are not covered by the Scout Rate.

There is no charge for children aged 5 and under. They are, however, to be included when calculating the number of occupants for the hut which is a  maximum of 12.

Example NIGHTLY Charges

Friday night – 5 x Adults x $25 per night = $125 less $100 deposit for Friday night, Final payment $25.
Saturday night – 2 Adults x $25 per night = $50. Minimum nightly payment for Saturday Night of $100 applies less $100 deposit.  Final payment $0.
School Holiday night – 4 x Scout family x $15 per night = $60.  Minimum nightly payment of $100 applies for School Holidays less $100 deposit.  Final Payment $0.

To create a booking, identify a date for when you would like to occupy the hut by checking the existing bookings in the booking calendar. You can then create an online booking.

Alternatively you can email your information or send enquiries to the Manager (Click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page).

Once you have completed your online booking, you will need to make a deposit for each night booked which can be paid via Electronic Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal. Once your deposit has been received your booking will be confirmed via email.

As part of the booking process we ask for an estimate of your group size. We only request this for our planning purposes and you don’t need to advise us if it changes in the mean time. Final Payment isn’t required until your stay has been completed which allows your group the flexibility to make changes as required.

All bookings are for exclusive use of the lodge and it is available to you from 2:00pm on your day of arrival and you must vacate the hut by 1:30pm on your day of departure.

Your booking isn’t confirmed until you pay the required deposit for each night booked within 3 days of you creating the booking request. Refer to the payment page with respect to payment options.

If your deposit isn’t received within 3 days, then the booking will be considered to no longer be required and your booking dates will become available for others to book.

The Scout Hut utilises an electronic lock for access and you will receive an access code via email approx. 3 weeks before your booking date. The access code will not be emailed to you unless the deposit has been paid.