In the Kitchen

Pots, frypans, saucepans, cutlery, crockery, utensils, dish washing liquid, gloves, scourers, cleaning cloths and cleaning spray.

In the toilet

Toilet paper, air freshner and toilet cleaner.

In the cleaning cupboard

Brush and spade, broom, mop, mop bucket and disinfectant.

In the bunk/main area

The maximum hut capacity is 14  (inclusive of all children 5 and under). There are 14 single size mattresses comprising of 12 on bunk beds and 2 on the couch.


There is electric lighting provided in all areas, gas for cooking and room heating, hot and cold water in the kitchen and wash room area.

You must take your own Tea Towels as they aren’t provided due to hygiene reasons.

Double bag your food in plastic shopping bags and use them to bring your rubbish out in.  The plastic bags also come in handy for bringing out wet clothes or other items.

You need to take a sleeping bag and a pillow is a nice luxury if you have space in your pack.

You should take a head torch for moving around the main room when the lights are off.

All groups need to carry a first aid kit and a remote area one would be best.

Each person should take a toiletry bag with soap, hand towel, deodrant, toothbrush and toothpaste as a minimum. A pillow is a nice luxury if you have space in your pack.

mobile phone capable of connecting to the Telstra or Optus network is recommended for emergency purposes.

Upon Arrival …

The procedure for what is required upon occupying the hut is located on the wall as you enter.  It details the location of the gas and water isolation valves plus information about the electrical system and gas appliances.

Vacating the hut …

The procedure, for what is required upon vacating the hut, is located on the wall as you enter.  It details the cleaning and isolation procedures.  Please ensure you complete all tasks on the list.

Emergency Contact Information

For emergency or issues relating to the hut, contact information is provided with your access code that you will receive approx.. 3 weeks before your booking date.

A Hut Warden may be present during your stay in order to ensure that the facilities are functioning correctly.

These people are all volunteers and do so because of their passion for the hut, the surrounding areas and for providing the youth community with a unique experience.

The Wardens may perform some small maintenance works during your stay but will try to be as unobtrusive as possible.